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Factory Style

Factory Style
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Factory style lettering kits are discontinued  The only Factory Style kits that are available is the 

( GOODYEAR EAGLES F1 ) and ( FIRESTONE FIREHAWK GT ) Plus any remaining stock. The Factory kit are
sold as 1 wheel kits only.

Want your car to turn heads? Stand out in a crowd? Install a TredWear Canada REAL rubber letter kit on your tires' plain, black walls!

With our innovative white letter kits, we can add a retro look of real white letter to any sized tire - from low profile sport tires to oversized truck tires, we have the solution for you.

Easy to install and long lasting, our kits will not chip or crack and gone are the frustrating days of paint pens running down the tire. At TredWear we offer the perfect solution to take from plain to amazing! Order your kit today.

ADHESIVE INCLUDED: With 4 Wheel kits Only

Prices listed below are based on 1 Wheel Tire Kit. Click Product for more options.

 TredWear Canada Limited is not affiliated with any tire or vehicle  manufactures,  we only provide lettering kits that fit  our customer's tires. 

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"I recently purchased a 30 year old (1985) Mazda RX-7 with such low mileage that it actually still wore the tires it had when it came from the factory. Those tires were very hard and quite cracked, however, so new tires were required: of course, new original tires are no longer available. In fact, there are no tires available for the car that have raised white letters. TredWear Canada provided the only possible solution: they were able to replicate the two distinct fonts of the original 1980's Bridgestones, and within a couple weeks of ordering I had perfectly replicated 1980's period factory-look tires on my car. How else can one enjoy the safety of a current technology tire and yet still maintain the exact look of the car when it was delivered new thirty years ago?"