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3.81cm (1.5in )

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  1. Enter what you would like to have the top of the tire to read. to the Max of 15 letters per tire.
  2. Enter what you would like the have thebottom of the tire to read. Remember a total of 15 letters per/tire.  Their is an extra charge for orders over the 15 letters per tire.
  3. Check the checkbox if your letter count is over the 15 letters max.
  4. Enter the Quantity of wheel kits your ordering

Our Normal way of shipping is with Canada Post expedited Parcel. 
You can also choose: 
PriorityPost NextDay delivery or 1 to 2 days depending on your location.
Parcel xpresspost 3 to 5 days. 
This is an extra charge. If you do not want the extra service leave unchecked.

Courier Services are used also by customer’s request. For that item that just have to be there. Call (902) 650-0152 to schedule for a courier Service.
Customer's Install  Guide    TWC LOGO TRANS

Note: Don’t install  below 18º C  ( 64º F )
You may choose not to remove your wheel to install your new letters. However, apply your letters to the top half at a time.
This makes it easier to apply the letters to the tire. Either rotate the tire by using the jack. Or, you can roll the vehicle back or foreword.  

Wash your tires with a strong de-greaser. wipe or let air dry. Now Sand with 80g sand paper to the area where the letters are going. Clean the tire several times with acetone tell you don’t see any black residue on your cloth. ( All tire wax and dressings has to be removed ). let dry for 2 to 4 min, then clean with the 99% Isopropyl alcohol or you can use 90% rubbing alcohol. Before installing, bath the letters in the rubbing alcohol, pat and let air dry with a clean cloth. now your ready to install. The 20g bottle of glue will normally do up to three vehicles, put a thin coat of glue on each letter, spread the glue around making sure all corners are covered. so when you place the letter on the tire you’ll have a small beed of glue around the outside edge of the letter. if you don’t have a beed around the letter thats fine. You don’t want a lager glob of glue around your letter, to much glue will cause the glue not to bond properly..

Guide d'installation du client
Note: Ne pas installer en dessous de 18º C ( 64º F )
Vous pouvez choisir de ne pas retirer votre roue pour installer vos nouvelles lettres. Cependant, appliquez vos lettres à la moitié supérieure à la fois.
Cela facilite l'application des lettres au pneu. Soit tourner le pneu en utilisant le cric. Vous pouvez également faire rouler le véhicule en arrière ou en préface.

Bien nettoyer vos pneus à l`aide d`un puissant dégraisseur jusqu’à temps que la surface soit bien adhérente, essuyer et laisser sécher à l`air libre. Sabler la zone avec du papier sablé; grains 80, à l’endroit où vous voulez appliquer le lettrage. Nettoyer le pneu avec de l’ACETONE jusqu`a temps que tous les résidus soit disparus ( Plus aucun résidu noir sur votre chiffon ).
Laissez sécher de 2 à 4 minutes, puis nettoyer avec de l`alcool a friction 99%. Bien assécher la zone avec un chiffon sec. Vous êtes maintenant prêt pour l`installation. Le flacon de 20g de colle sera suffisant pour 3 véhicules. Appliquer une fine couche de colle a l’endos de chaque lettre, étendre sur toute la surface et s`assurer que tous les contours sont couvert. De cette manière vous n`aurez pas de surplus de colle a l’entour de vos lettres. Au contraire, un surplus de colle affectera l’adhésion des lettres.
Ayez du plaisir avec votre installation, au plaisir de vous aider.

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"Installation was easy and I was able to do it myself. I've driven my car thousands of miles and the letters still look like new! I recommend this product to anyone who wants an easy and long lasting way to add a retro look to the tire! Will definitely buy another kit when these tires run out and I get new ones!!"

Heather Fraser