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Tracer Stripes

Tracer Stripes
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Tire Tracer Stripes


TRACER STRIPE added to your tires. A visually stunning edition, especially while your tires are moving. Are created from real rubber. With robust colours strips that will hold up the force of a pressure washer. Our TredWear kits are easy to install and are LONG LASTING! Tested up to 150 Mph or 241km, your personality will last the life of your tire! If properly installed will not crack or chip off.




Freaking amazing!!! The first time I took it to a car meet with my new lettering everybody was stunned!!! Very happy with the results, installation is easy.

I highly recommend this product .
Thanks again Richard !!! They are awesome!!!!

Dali Olmedo Uriegas
Toronto Ontario
Jump Start Auto Inc.