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Custom Lettering

Custom Lettering
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Taking tires from plain to amazing!

Measurement for letter size:
A good rule of Thumb is to take a measurement from the top of the rim to the bottom of the tire tread, the space between the two points of reference is the area you have to work with.
If you have 5 cm or 2in to work with you could go as large as the 3.3cm or 1.3in letter. If you only have a 2.54cm or 1in to work with then you would go the 1.9cm or 0.57in letter.

Our TredWear kits are easy to install and are LONG LASTING! Tested up to 150 Mph or 241km, your personality will last the life of your tire! No more fussing with a runny paint pen or the aggravation of trying to touch up chips and cracks. Our letters are REAL rubber that adheres in minutes and properly installed will not crack or chip off.

Colour available: 
White, Yellow, Red, Blue and Green and Orange.

Our custom lettering  kit come as individual letters are available in: 
1.91cm ( 0.75in ) Are recommended for low profile car tires, motorcycles, bicycles, etc. 
2.54cm ( 1in ) Are recommended for low to mid-profile car and truck tires, motorcycles, ATV tires etc. 
3.3cm ( 1.3in ) Are recommended for high profile car and light trucks tires, larger trucks etc.
3.81cm (1.5in )  For the big bad look, for the medium to high profile cars & light and large trucks.

The Designer Series Kits comes in combined & individual lettering. Can be two to three sections available Sizes;  1" & 1.5"
Our Good/Year Billboards Kits are individual letters available Sizes; 1.5" & 2"  White & Yellow.
Toyo Tires kits  available has Toyo Proxes 2.54cm ( 1in ) & 3.81cm (1.5in ), Toyo Tire Proxes ( 1in ) & 3.81cm (1.5in ), Toyo R888  3.81cm (1.5in ).

Tracers strip includes either Right side or Left side of your vehicle.
1 right side includes two right strips per/tire.
1 left side includes two left strips per/tire.
4 wheel kit includes two right side kits & two left side kits.

Our New GT Series available in 2.54cm ( 1in ) Only,  recommended for low to mid-profile car and truck tires, motorcycles, ATV tires etc. Colour white 

THE ADHESIVE: Our Ultra High Adhesive 20g bottle is included With a 4 tire kits Only. The Ultra High Adhesive 20g bottle can be purchased separately. 

TredWear Canada Limited is not affiliated with any tire or vehicle Manufactures, we only provide lettering kits that fit our customer's tires.

One kit is required per tire.




"Installation was easy and I was able to do it myself. I've driven my car thousands of miles and the letters still look like new! I recommend this product to anyone who wants an easy and long lasting way to add a retro look to the tire! Will definitely buy another kit when these tires run out and I get new ones!!"

Heather Fraser