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About UsTredWear has its start in the USA back 2008. After three and a half years of research (and thousands of kilometres of testing!), they have created a product which has the perfect combination of rubber and adhesive to add white letters to your tire. It is superior to a tire paint pen and tire markers as it's durable and much easier to use and install.

I own a 2010 Dodge Challenger with 20” low-profile black wall tires I was using the paint pen scenario for a couple of years but had to keep applying it to keep that fresh look. I was searching for 20” low-profile raised white letter tires, but to no avail. None could be found as it appears tire manufacturers didn't make this for cars. Then, in 2010 I came across an ad about low-profile white raised lettering kits that you can glue to the side of your tires. Finally, it seemed like there was a solution to my problem and this answer would last!

After talking to the owner for a while, he mentioned about going custom and suggested putting "Dodge Challenger" on my tires, as opposed to the factory letters. I said to myself, "Self, What a cool idea. Go for it!"

Upon receiving my order and installing the letters I was amazed at how my tires came alive! Finally, I got the results I’ve been looking for ever since buying my car. I called up the owner and told him how pleased I was with the product. I asked him. I noticed you are looking for dealers so asked if he had any Canadian dealers. He told me that he didn't have a Canadian dealer to which I replied "Well, would you like one?"

And that's how TredWear Canada Limited formed. We have been busy getting organized and setting up in the Canadian market and are planning for a bright future ahead. We are interested in setting up additional dealers across Canada. If you are interested in becoming part of sharing this product, please send us an email!



"I recently purchased a 30 year old (1985) Mazda RX-7 with such low mileage that it actually still wore the tires it had when it came from the factory. Those tires were very hard and quite cracked, however, so new tires were required: of course, new original tires are no longer available. In fact, there are no tires available for the car that have raised white letters. TredWear Canada provided the only possible solution: they were able to replicate the two distinct fonts of the original 1980's Bridgestones, and within a couple weeks of ordering I had perfectly replicated 1980's period factory-look tires on my car. How else can one enjoy the safety of a current technology tire and yet still maintain the exact look of the car when it was delivered new thirty years ago?"