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16559058 1894574230766177 128659241 nThe NT555R is a D.O.T.-compliant competition drag radial designed with additional flexibility for the weekend drag racer. The NT555R combines a high-grip compound and semi-racing construction to provide increased traction at the starting line. The NT555R is the drag radial for the street or strip.
A Perfect Pair

The NT555R drag radial works in unison with the NT555 summer performance street tire, so you can put the drag radials on the rear axle and the NT555s on the front axle. When developing both product lines, Nitto matched the tread pattern and sizing to fit modern performance vehicles.

Competition Performance

The overall construction has been modified to improve launch performance. The NT555R was designed to achieve a balance between maximum dry performance and occasional street use.

High-Speed Stability

Semi-radial construction combined with a unique reinforced package helps provide stability at high track speeds.


The tread compound is formulated to achieve a balance between treadwear and drag strip performance.
Performance Ratings

DRY PERFORMANCE   4 out of 5
WET PERFORMANCE   2.5 out  of 5
COMFORT                     3 out of 5
QUIETNESS                   1.5 out of 5

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New Products & Specials

Valve Stem Wheel LED Lights

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Fits on any valve stem.  Bikes, Motorcycles, Cars  and Light Trucks.
works with the wheels centripetal force.
Its a good Safety add-on for your kits bike, and the kits will love them.
This product is made of high grade material. uses super bright LED.
Carefully  open unit  by unscrewing the top  part of the  LED
and remove the paper to activate.

           Different colours to choose from, red, blue, green and yellow
           The light will be off when the vehicle is stops.
           Brings more colour to your car or bike wheelsuses 
           3 high quality AG 10 Button Batteries 1.5V  (included )

06-0901  Blue Wheel Light  LED Light  2/Pk

06-0902  Red  Wheel Light  LED Light  2/Pk

06-0903  Yellow Wheel Light  LED Light  2/Pk

06-0904  Green Wheel Light  LED Light 2/Pk

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"I recently purchased a 30 year old (1985) Mazda RX-7 with such low mileage that it actually still wore the tires it had when it came from the factory. Those tires were very hard and quite cracked, however, so new tires were required: of course, new original tires are no longer available. In fact, there are no tires available for the car that have raised white letters. TredWear Canada provided the only possible solution: they were able to replicate the two distinct fonts of the original 1980's Bridgestones, and within a couple weeks of ordering I had perfectly replicated 1980's period factory-look tires on my car. How else can one enjoy the safety of a current technology tire and yet still maintain the exact look of the car when it was delivered new thirty years ago?"