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Tire Cleaners & Dressings

Tire Cleaners & Dressings
Professional Tire cleaner and  dressings:  TWC LOGO

The new white letter cleaner also works  on your whitewall. The ultra wet look that gives you that High gloss finish. And the Satin Shine that make your letters pop.  Our tire care products are  professional grade. Our Tire care line comes in 710 mL (24 ounce) trigger sprayer bottles,  available individually or as  kits and gift packs. 

45-1020 The White Letter Tire Cleaner is a non-caustic solution.  Works well on whitewall and   coloured letters. 
Hazardous Materials Index System: ( HEALTH - 2 ) ( FLAMMABILITY - 0 ) ( REACTIVITY- 1 )
( PERSONAL PROTECTION - Safety glasses, rubber gloves, Footwear ). KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN

45-1010 The Satin Finish Tire Dressing give a long lasting protective coating that makes your letters pop. The dressing can be use on your black or colour trim, also Vinyl Car tops. ( PERSONAL PROTECTION - Safety glasses, rubber gloves, footwear )  KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN

45-1015 The Ultra Wet Look Tire Dressing is a Solvent based, high gloss, fast drying. good for rubber and vinyl. Do not use in direct sunlight, or on steering wheel or foot pedals. Hazardous Materials Index System: ( HEALTH - 1 ) ( FLAMMABILITY - 3 ) ( REACTIVITY- 0 ) ( PERSONAL PROTECTION - goggles, rubber gloves, footwear ).  KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN
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45-1010  Satin Finish Tire Dressing
Satin Finish Tire Dressing: Taking tires from plain to amazing! 45-1010 Is a Professi..
45-1015 Ultra Wet Look Tire Dressing
Ultra Wet Look Tire DressingTaking tires from plain to amazing!45-1015  Is a Professi..
45-1020 White Letter Tire Cleaner
White Letter Tire Cleaner:Taking tires from plain to amazing!45-1020 Is a Professional Grade no..
45-2010  Tire Care Kit Tire Cleaner & Satin Finish Dressing
45-2010 Tire Care Kit: Letter Tire Cleaner & Satin Finish DressingTaking tires from plain t..
45-2015  Tire Care Kit: Tire Cleaner and Ultra Wet Look
45-2015 Tire Kit White Letter Tire Cleaner & Ultra Wet Look Dressing:Taking tires from plai..



Just plain awesome! The look ive been wanting for so long on my stang. Easy to read and follow instructions included made my lettering kit a breeze to install. Now my car gets more looks then ever. Will be buying a set for new tires in future also. thx treadwear for an awesome product.

Shaun Dolhanty
Florence NS