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Tredwear II Black Trans Logo

Our tire graphics will give you that extra finished look to your tires. our symbols and logos are made from the same material lettering kits, you can have just about anything within reason. You can have your company logo, you could have a symbol to represent your car club, or any of our stock symbols. There is a minimum order of  (8) on custom  orders. The TredWear Letter kits are made of real rubber and have thickness. The texture on the tire will not effect them, and they have that REAL raised White letter tire look! 

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54-1010 Tire Graphics Pound #
54-1010 Tire Graphics: Pound #Letter Size: 1.8cm W x 3.5cm H ( 0.7in W x 1.5in H )Note:&nb..
54-1015 Tire Graphics Ampersand &
54-1015 Tire Graphics: Ampersand &1.5cm W x 2cm H  ( 0.6” W x 0.8” H )Note: ..
54-1020 Tire Graphics 5 Point Star Symbol
54-1020 Tire Graphics: 5 Point Star1 inch  5 point Star 4cm x 4cm ( 2in x 2in )Note: ..
54-1025 Tire Graphics Checkered Flag
54-1025 Tire Graphics: Checkered FlagCheckered Flag. Size: 9.9cm W x 2.5cm H  ( ..
54-1030 Tire Graphics Cobra Left Hand
54-1030 Tire Graphics: Cobra Left HandCOBRA LEFT HAND. Size: 1.8m W x 1.8cm H, ( 1.8i..
54-1031 Tire Graphics Cobra Right Hand
54-1031 Tire Graphics: Cobra Left HandCOBRA RIGHT HAND. Size: 1.8m W x 1.8cm H, ( 1.8..
54-1035 Tire Graphics Crossing Flag
54-1035 Tire Graphics: Crossing FlagCrossing Flag. Letter Size: 12.4cm L  x  3.3..
54-1040 Tire Graphics Flame Right Hand
54-1040 Tire Graphics: Flame Right HandFLAME RIGHT HAND. Size: 7.9cm W x 2.3m H ( 3.1..
54-1041 Tire Graphics Flame Left Hand
54-1041 Tire Graphics: Flame Left HandFlame Left Hand. Size: 7.9cm W x 2.3m H (&..
54-1045 Tire Graphics Half Skull Left
54-1045 Tire Graphics: Half Skull Left Half Skull Left Size: 5.1cm W x 3.3cm H  ..
54-1046 Tire Graphics Half Skull Right
54-1046 Tire Graphics: Half Skull RightHalf Skull Left Size: 5.1cm W x 3.3cm H  (&nbs..
54-1050 Tire Graphics Large Snake LH.
54-1050 Tire Graphics: Large Snake LH.Large Snake LH. Size:  8.9cm W x 3cm H  ( 3.7" ..
54-1051 Tire Graphics Large Snake RH.
54-1051 Tire Graphics: Large Snake RH.Large Snake LH. Size:  8.9cm W x 3cm H  ( 3.7" ..
54-1052 Tire Graphics Small Snake Left Hand
54-1052 Tire Graphics: Small Snake Left HandHalf Skull Left Size: 5.1cm W x 3.3cm H &..
54-1053 Tire Graphics Small Snake Right Hand
54-1053 Tire Graphics: Small Snake Right HandHalf Skull Left Size: 5.1cm W x 3.3cm H ..



Freaking amazing!!! The first time I took it to a car meet with my new lettering everybody was stunned!!! Very happy with the results, installation is easy.

I highly recommend this product .
Thanks again Richard !!! They are awesome!!!!

Dali Olmedo Uriegas
Toronto Ontario
Jump Start Auto Inc.